We sell Machinery from multiple worldwide suppliers such as;
Fimaks and Orkel.
We also sell local machines.


We invest in building strong customer relationships in order to develop individualized solutions for every client.


We have a diversity in feed.

Take a look on at Local Packing Machine

It is locally designed and locally developped to meet the local market needs

Minimum losses

there is almost no waste when preparing maize bale silage.

Excellent quality

the dry-matter content in maize bale silage is approximately 35 % and therefor making it significantly higher than clamp silo silage.

Portionable forage removal

the advantage of maize silage bales is that each bale is a new portion, thus eliminating problems such as reheating of the remaining maize silage.

Longer conservation

The quality of the maize silage of a bale can usually be conserved for 10 days.

Space saving

Bales can be stored almost anywhere.

Great for small scale farmers

Or a group of farmers or cooperatives, due to small bag volume which is easy to manipulate.

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